Michael Che Once Went To A Strip Club With Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man In The World

Newly minted co-head Saturday Night Live writer Michael Che stopped by The Tonight Show to chat with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, where the current and former SNL cast members bonded over failed sketches that never made it to air. Speaking of bad jokes, Che brought up just having done a show for the National Championship in Atlanta, where he was boned with student restrictions such as not being able to swear or talk about race, politics, religion, and so on.

“So I had to do jokes about nothing,” he said. “And I did.” “And it did not go well,” interjected Fallon. “Not good at all,” deadpanned Che back.

Thankfully, Che’s night only improved from there, because he went on to hit up a Dos Equis party where encountered none other than the Most Interesting Man in the World, Augustin Legrand. During a photo op, Che asked him, “Hey man, we’re going to go to a strip club after this, do you wanna join, and he said, ‘okay!'”

So that’s how Michael Che ended up at a strip club with the Most Interesting Man in the World in Atlanta in three o’clock in the morning. When asked whether or not his reputation holds up, Che responded in the affirmative. “Dude, he reconnected a father with his son, it was weird,” he joked. “It was amazing!” In case anyone ever doubted that magic could happen at an Atlanta strip club at 3 a.m., there you go.