Michigan Police Will Spoil ‘Stranger Things’ If You Get Thrown In Jail

Over the weekend, the Michigan State Spartans faced off against Penn State, beating the Nittany Lions 27-24 after a nearly three-and-a-half hour rain delay. After the game finally ended, Michigan State fans were understanding pretty excited over the win, and as such the East Lansing Police Department was on high alert for drunken revelers who took things a step too far.

Perhaps in an effort to nip any rowdy behavior on the bud, the department’s Twitter account warned, “We have extra police officers in EL on overtime tonight. Celebrate this win the right way, don’t do something you will regret.”

After updating to warn football fans away from a crowd which had apparently been gathering but had since broken up, East Lansing police issued an even more serious threat to anyone who might wind up with their ass thrown in jail — those who are fans of Stranger Things, to be specific.

Granted, if celebrating your team’s win lands you behind bars, you probably have bigger problems than having Stranger Things 2 ruined for you. But really, the sequel to Netflix’s popular series has been out since October 27 — or just over a week, at the time of the game. Anyone who hadn’t already finished binging at that point was just looking for trouble anyway, and not just the kind you get into for public urination. #Justice4MewMew

(Via MLive)