Mike Rowe Is Actually Not On Board With The Tea Party Express

The picture you see above was posted to Mike Rowe’s Facebook page, but don’t assume it’s because he supports the Tea Party Express. In fact, he posted the picture to explain that while he might say some things they agree with, he’s not exactly dressing up in period garb and protesting big government. He explains:

For the record, I am not now, nor have I ever been a member of The Tea Party. And the irony of this situation is precisely why I’m not much of a joiner. My original post was an honest attempt to illustrate how a simple virtue like “work ethic” can no longer be discussed without becoming instantly politicized. Of the 20,000 comments that followed, nearly all were positive and thoughtful. But now that my thoughts have been reduced to a single sentence and associated with a group that half the country views with deep suspicion, my words are a touch more…inflammatory?

Rowe’s quote is related to his program to reignite the interest and acceptance of blue-collar jobs and trades in America; the fact is that there are lots of jobs available, but they’re jobs that no one really wants because as Rowe explains, “good jobs” began to require a four-year degree and results in a cushy office with a desk and central air conditioning. And those less demanding jobs meant that people could become a lot less ambitious and hard-working while still expecting “a trophy.”

But none of this, according to Rowe, has to do with a political platform. He doesn’t mind that the Tea Party likes it, but he also doesn’t mind other groups liking and discussing it:

Frankly, I’m glad the Tea Party chose to share my words, and wouldn’t object if The Socialist Party follows their lead. In fact, I’ll officially invite them to do so right now, along with The ACLU, The NAACP, The AFL-CIO, The NEA, The EPA, The NRA, The FBI, Jews for Jesus, The SPCA, Greenpeace, OSHA, The USMC, The local PTA, and my old pals at PETA. The more the merrier! Because ultimately, the enthusiastic support of a national work ethic is something ALL groups should get behind, even if I can’t get behind all groups.* Some things are simply too important to be co-opted. Work ethic is one of them.

Oh, and that asterisk:

*Offer not valid to NAMBLA, The KKK, ISIS, Hamas, or The American Nazi Party. Because every rule has exceptions…

I mean, if you’re wondering where the line is, there’s the line that Mike Rowe won’t cross. But no, he’s not a member of the Tea Party. Just a fun party that’s willing to pitch in and pick up a wrench, or at least learn how to use one.

(Via Mike Rowe on Facebook)