Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher Might Get Married Soon

Bad news, fellas who never stood a snowball’s chance in Hades but always sort of thought that there was the slightest hope – Mila Kunis might be getting married to Ashton Kutcher soon. Obviously, gossip is to be taken with a grain of salt, but an issue as sensitive as this is simply a reminder that one day, our sweet, beloved Mila – the same awesome girl who dropped everything to attend the Marine Corps Ball despite being put on the spot by Justin Timberlake – will be off the block.

And now it seems that it could be as soon as Kutcher’s divorce from Demi Moore is finalized.

… the Hollywood couple have set their hearts on tying the knot in Britain once Ashton’s divorce from ex Demi Moore, 50, is finalised.

They’ve even started drawing up a list of Blighty’s best locations for the nuptials.

A friend of the hot pair told us: “Mila and Ashton have fallen in love with the UK.

“They are desperate to get married as soon as possible because they want to start a family and are slightly old-fashioned about these things.

“The first place they thought of was Stonehenge, but they’ve also been looking at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.

“Mila loves the idea of a stately home or something in the English countryside.” (Via the Daily Star)

Wow, so not only is she going to break the hearts of men everywhere, but she’s also going to move to England? I might need to get on the phone with Reddit and see if they’ll change their minds about making Mila the No. 1 pick on their 100 Sexiest Women list last month. Maybe they’ll move Alison Brie up from No. 2 or open a debate to have Jennifer Lawrence leapfrog from No. 3 to the top spot. You know, as long as neither of them marries Danny Masterson or Wilmer Valderrama next.

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