Miss Colombia Might Get Her Own Crown In A New Burger King Commercial

Miss Colombia Burger King 1
Getty Images/Burger King

Things have been looking up for Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo ever since her heartbreaking, embarrassing loss (thanks a lot, Steve) at the 2015 Miss Universe beauty pageant. After breaking her silence on Instagram, Arevalo apparently received the “inevitable” offer to do porn from Vivid Entertainment, but that’s not all. No, not by a long shot! Turns out Arevalo and her manager, Luis Balaguer, are working hard to milk host Steve Harvey’s mishap for all it’s worth.

According to TMZ, Balaguer — who also represents Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara — “is working on her behalf and is in talks with Burger King for a fantastic commercial. Miss Colombia would star in a kids’ meal spot where everyone keeps their crown.” In other words, unlike what happened at the Miss Universe pageant, no one in this supposed commercial would get their iconic fast food headgear taken away from them — including Arevalo.

But wait, there’s more!

And we’re told [Balaguer] is also talking to Corona about a commercial featuring Ariadna Gutierrez on the beach with a cold one. The hook — “corona” is “crown” in Spanish.

And there’s more… we’re told Ariadna’s dream is to become a Victoria’s Secret angel, and our sources say Balaguer was in touch with the company on Tuesday.

This means that, although Miss Colombia didn’t get to keep her Miss Universe crown, she is possibly in the running for three different promotional campaigns supporting (and supported by) three different-but-related commercial products: fast food, alcohol, and lingerie. Miss Universe? More like “Missed” Universe. Am I right? Guys?

(Via TMZ)