Mitch McConnell Said He’d ‘Absolutely’ Support Trump If He’s The 2024 Nominee, And People Remembered He Denounced Him Only Days Before

Maybe Mitch McConnell’s word isn’t bond. A couple weeks back during the Senate’s impeachment trial of former president Donald Trump — which he had delayed until after he was out of office — he flip-flopped in the span of about fifteen minutes. First he voted to acquit him, then he took to the floor to denounce him, effectively blaming him for the crimes he said he didn’t commit. Now he’s had yet another of his unpredictable changes of heart: The Senate Minority Leader says he will “absolutely” support Trump should he run in 2024.

When pressed as to why he would support someone he only two weeks before said had caused the failed MAGA coup, McConnell offered some old-fashioned dodges. “What happened in the past is not something relevant now,” McConnell cryptically told Fox News, saying the GOP was “moving forward” so he can battle Joe Biden and the more progressive parts of the Democratic Party.

When host Brett Baier asked him about that lengthy, blog-like screed Trump wrote, in which he called McConnell a “dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack,” he dodged that, too, trying to spin that the GOP lost control of the Senate, costing him his beloved gig as Majority Leader. “The Republican Party had a very good day on November 3,” he asserted. When pressed further about that major loss, McConnell simply said, “I don’t have any further observations to make about that.”

It was a classic McConnell move, sleazy and risible. And all people could do on Twitter is helplessly point to the words he said only a couple handful of days before, directly contradicting this.

Some wondered if perhaps people should not trust what McConnell says.

Others offered some explanations for his about-face.

In other words, either McConnell noticed his approval rating sunk because he trashed Trump or he has no soul. Maybe both.