Mitch McConnnell Is Being Dragged For Laughing At Criticism Of His Handling Of The Pandemic

Mitch McConnell probably isn’t going anywhere. The Senate Majority leader is currently handily beating Amy McGrath, the Kentucky Democrat challenging his seat, so he’s likely not sweating it the way his friend Lindsey Graham is. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t inspiring the same level of ire. In some circles he’s viewed with the same level of animosity as Donald Trump. And on Monday, new clips of him acting particularly evil went viral.

McConnell was partaking in the first and only debate against McGrath, and despite being down in the polls, his competitor came ready to fight. She pummeled him over his failure to pass a new coronavirus relief package. She took him to task for creating “a Senate that is so dysfunction and so partisan that even in the middle of a national crisis he can’t get it done.” And through it all, during each and every critique, McConnell kept laughing.

There was one laugh that stood out more than the rest. McGrath torched McConnell for allowing a Senate vacation to happen over the summer, before they reached a deal on how to help ailing families. She pointed out that this is “the first time in a century, where we have a major international crisis where no one in the world is looking to the United States for leadership.” And as she spoke McConnell kept laughing..

On one hand, laughing off your opponent’s critiques isn’t exclusive to either party. Joe Biden has regularly used it, including during his debate with Donald Trump two weeks prior. But the accusations Biden was laughing off were not equal to the ones McGrath was throwing at McConnell’s feet. And while McConnell may have been laughing at what he saw as her inaccuracies — he soon claimed they weren’t on “vacation,” that they kept lines of communication up — for some, it seemed as though what he was really doing was showing people who he really was.

Some singled out his diabolical laugh.

Many were furious.

Some compared him to fictional villains.

Or to fictional but at least somewhat nicer vampires.

Some tried to use humor to redirect their anger.

Some wondered how the Kentucky voters put up with someone who would laugh as he was criticized for not taking care of struggling Americans during a pandemic.

And while, again, McConnell may not be losing his seat in the Senate, in a few weeks his job may wind up looking very different.

For the record, it’s a laugh McConnell has used before. Witness this arguably even more chilling clip from old Hannity episode that made the rounds during the weekend, where he thinks that when he stuffed the courts with Trump posts — the very thing conservatives are terrified Biden and company will do if elected — is really hilarious.

(Via The Hill)