Mitt Romney Goes To Chipotle, Hilarity Ensues

Remember that great photo of a pizza shop owner lifting Obama up off the ground in a bear hug? Well I can’t think of a more perfect counterpart for that photo that this one, taken at a Denver-area Chipotle and posted to Twitter by political reporter Andrew Kaczynski.

Reports the Washington Examiner:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took a break from debate preparations to get lunch at a Chipotle (che-POHT’-lay) Mexican Grill in Denver.

Romney shook hands with a worker behind the counter and posed for photographs with several workers during the unscheduled visit on Tuesday.

I’m convinced that this photo never would have happened if the internet didn’t exist. Like, this dude just knew that by posing in a goofy manner with a presidential candidate, he’d be turning himself into a meme, a DIY viral sensation. And you know what? Good on him. We approve wholeheartedly. And his memeification has already begun.

Maybe ole Mittens just won the support of another member of the growing “Blacks for Romney” movement?

(HT: Dorothy Mantooth)