Watch Mitt Romney Slow Jam The News With Jimmy Fallon And Questlove

Mitt Romney stopped by Late Night on Friday to chat with expert Romney impressionist Jimmy Fallon and promote his new Netflix documentary, Mitt. By far the most entertaining part of his appearance was the above segment, in which Romney joins Fallon for his always fun “Slow Jam The News” gag.

No one expected Romney to have the chops Barack Obama displayed when he joined Fallon for “Slow Jam The News” in 2012, but Mitt’s turn is surprisingly not terrible. He doesn’t stray outside his wheelhouse; instead he serves at the robotic straight man trapped amid the soulfulness of Fallon and Questlove, and he gets a few good one-liners in there. It’s an especially fun watch if your stomach’s finally ready to revisit the talking points that were hammered so hard during the 2012 election.

Just for fun, here’s one of Fallon’s best Mitt Romney bits, “Mister Romney’s Neighborhood,” which he reeled off shortly after Romney’s infamous debate comment about cutting funding to PBS:

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