Mo’ Worlds, Mo’ Problems: Future World, Fifth World and Ancient History Problems

No one is going to say that the Occupy Wall Street folks don’t have something to complain about (OK, no one who isn’t on Fox News), but let’s face it, there are other problems in the world. Or worlds.

Not everyone’s woes affect enough of us to form a protest, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a place to vent. In the spirit of First World Problems a whole host of complainers have cropped up on Reddit with big issues from other time lines. Are rocks confusing? Sounds like a post for Prehistoric problems. Do you keep running into an identical version of yourself with a goatee and a gun? Parallel worlds is the community for you!

Check out some of our favorite communities of complainers and let us know what your problem is in the comments.

Prehistoric Problems: Crackling, hot thing hurts.

Time Travel Problems: Oh no! I’m my own grandfather (and my grandmother is a boner killer).

Ancient First World Problems: I can’t keep a good edge on my sword while killing slaves, thoughts?

Ancient World Problems: A drought wiped out my retirement savings.


Parallel World Problems: When you find yourself in the evil, alternate universe or realize that you’ve actually been living in the evil, alternate universe all your life.


Fourth World Problems: Does this loin cloth make my butt look fat?

Fifth World Problems: My reptilian Nana insists I lick my own eyes, but every time I do I have to regrow my tongue.


Fantasy World Problems: I have a small weak spot in the scales on my belly, should I be worried?

Future World Problems: Robots keep uprising.