This Mom Was Told She Had A ‘Perfect Body,’ So She Showed Off Her Mom Bod

Last December, Kimberly Henderson received over 5 million views on YouTube when she covered the Sam Smith version of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know?” She initially recorded the song as a lullaby for her youngest child, an infant. Going viral presented new career options for Henderson, who identifies foremost not as a singer but as a mother of four young children.

Henderson’s since walked the red carpet and received compliments on her “perfect body.” She decided to confront these remarks — well intentioned though they may be — with an “unedited” image of her abdomen. Henderson unapologetically showed off her loose skin and stretch marks. In doing so, she bucked against the inherently hypocritical trend of the dad bod.

Henderson posted her photo to Instagram, but Facebook resulted in the largest crowd response. So far, her Facebook post has gathered up over 120,000 likes and 11,500 shares. Most of the responses were positive with a few sprinklings of negativity, which Henderson confronted like a boss.

(via Mashable)

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