A Mom’s Ruining Of Her Son’s ‘Netflix And Chill’ Will Take You Back To Your Own Teenage Frustration

This video, which may be too hilarious to be real, has certainly found an audience of more than 400,000 viewers in only a day. The clip also rose to prominence on Reddit under the guise of a mom’s interruption of her son’s “Netflix and Chill.” For those who aren’t aware, that’s millennial speak for “watch a movie and get lucky.” This teenage boy believed he was gonna do both things until Mom entered the room and gave him an earful. What’s surprising about this clip isn’t that Mom freaked out, but how little her son respects her.

The clip includes the expletive-spouting son protesting how Mom ruined his chance for action. He’s furious, and she’s angry, too. Listen to how she tells her son to go put on his pajamas! The son maintains his insistence that moms just don’t understand because he was so close, and life is so not fair. The identity of the party recording the video isn’t clear, but it’s safe to assume that it’s a sibling who can barely contain his laughter. If there was a girlfriend in the room, she was long gone before the camera starts rolling. She won’t be back anytime soon, and it’s hard to feel pity for this guy when he’s such a pill himself.

Is this video real or fake? That’s a tough call to make.

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