This Motorcyclist Proves Why You Should Never Hang Your Feet Out Of A Car’s Window

The ubiquitous nature of the GoPro can result in utter hilarity, such as when an Irish dad vacations while wearing one backwards. In the case of motorcyclists, these devices can be used for safety reasons or to create inadvertent viral videos. Oh, who are we kidding? This is exactly the reason why many people wear GoPros. We’ve seen motorcyclists record the process of being knocked over, and we’ve witnessed them wreaking havoc by smoking the cops. This particular video aims for mischievous ends, but it comes off as a little risky.

This motorcyclist spotted a pair of sock-clad feet hanging out of a backseat window on the highway. He sped up and tickled those feet, and fortunately, this didn’t turn into Quentin Tarantino‘s Death Proof with an ill-placed Robert Frost poetry reading. However, this man startled the heck out of this poor woman, and you can tell the driver of the car was weirded out, too. The Internet appears to embrace this video, but both sides of this strangeness got lucky. This could be considered a cute clip, especially because the man produced the YouTube video with some slo-mo effects. Or maybe it’s just some guy endangering life, limb, and property while scaring the bejesus out of a woman.