Try Very Hard To Relax As This Motorcyclist Completely Smokes The Police

The Internet contains no shortage of wild acts caught by motorcyclists wearing GoPro cameras. These handy inventions witness road-rage collisions and straight-up accidents. The moments often go viral once uploaded online, and although these cameras won’t save lives, they can preserve these dubious moments for the future. In this case, the wild act in question is committed by the person wearing the GoPro. Yes, it’s a little exciting, but so dangerously dumb.

What we have in this video is simple. A motorcyclist refuses to slow his (or her) pace and keeps burning a path down an interstate highway. One cop car briefly approaches the biker, yet this only happens because the biker is a relentless tease. Oh, the cop car grows very close, but there’s nothing (short of causing a collision) the officer can do to make the motorcyclist pull over. The biker even turns to wave at the officer, flips the bird, and keeps on riding. Soon enough, the rider is bobbing and weaving in traffic, and the cop loses all hope of catching his suspect.

Somehow, no one was hurt in the making of this video. This is some Sons of Anarchy-grade getaway business. Who’s driving the bike? Must be Chibs.