@munchmeat2015 From Last Night's 'Parks And Recreation' Is A Real Twitter Account

During last night’s Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope and Bobby Newport (and a porn star and Buddy Garrity) had their long-awaited Pawnee city council debate. It was fantastic. If Leslie were real, I’d vote for her 37 times, consequences be damned. One of the highlights was the Twitter question posed by “munchmeat2015,” who asked/whined to the candidates, “Pawnee used 2 b safe. Some1 stole my car. What will u do 2 make Pawnee safe & can u help me find my car?”

Turns out, “munchmeat2015” is actually on Twitter. The account was opened in February by “a guy who loves the Colts, IU basketball, and my car” who hails from Pawnee. It’s a brilliant, long-form, tie-in joke from someone on the Parks team – but who? Amy Poehler wrote the episode, but my money’s on Harris Wittels, the guy behind Humblebrag.

Here’s but a sampling of some of “munchmeat”’s best tweets.