Video Games Remade For My Little Pony Fans

05.29.12 7 years ago

It’s no secret we regard the Brony phenomenon with bemusement. And why not? It combines two things we can’t help covering: grown men geeking out over a kids show and, more importantly, adorable ponies. Yay, ponies! Er, I mean, grrr football. Yeah.

Nickyv917 has added the cute characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to classic video games, making mashups like “Mares of War” and “Marevel Vs. Coltcom” which abound with equine puns. I would bale on all these games before the finish, but that’s because I’m a neigh-sayer. Hey, at least I didn’t make a Sarah Jessica Parker joke.

Below are twenty of our favorite mashups from the large collection at nickyv917‘s deviantART page. Thanks to Neatorama for the assist.

(Click pictures to enlarge.)

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