Columbus Ohio Reporter Myles Harris Had To Stop His Report Because Of An Overzealous Fan: His Mom

Because we could all use a feel-good story every now and then, here’s this: Ohio news reporter Myles Harris is racking up some viral fame thanks to the smooth assist of his biggest fan. That fan: mom. While filming a recent report alongside a busy road in Columbus, Harris stopped in the middle of a broadcast after noticing someone was trying to get his attention off-camera. Judging by the look on his face, he immediately recognizes the person as he makes the expression that all of us would make if our mom showed up at our work.

However, like a good son, he went over to his mother and introduced her to his cameraman, DeAngelo, before kindly telling her to not cause an accident. Harris later posted the interaction with the caption, “Typical Sandi 🤦🏽‍♂️ Yes, typical Sandi…” We’re guessing mom’s pulled this stunt before.

Via Mediaite:

“Hi, baby,” said his mother from inside a car. Her son laughed and said, “I’m trying to work right now and now you’re over here calling my phone. This is DeAngelo, you can say hi.”

“Hi, DeAngelo,” she said to DeAngelo.

“Don’t be holding up traffic because you got cars behind you,” said Harris. His mother then blew him a kiss as she drove away.

Moms. What’re ya gonna do?

(Via Myles Harris on Instagram)