The Internet Is Outdoing Itself With #NameAPenceMusical As The ‘Hamilton’ Controversy Continues

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11.20.16 11 Comments

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The sold-out (for years!) Hamilton Broadway musical created a different kind of sensation on Friday night when Mike Pence showed up. As the VP-elect headed to his seat, the resounding booing began, which affected the entire vibe of the production. The cast was well aware of their special guest and ended the night with a direct address to Pence. Trump then tweeted an incensed reaction over how his VP pick was “harassed,” and supporters are vowing boycott a show that they’d never even watch anyway, and some that do attend performances are disrupting the show with shout-y rants.

All of this makes one wonder why Pence’s even popped into a production that celebrates the contributions of American immigrants, but a lot of this year doesn’t make sense. He’ll soon be effectively running the country — let’s be honest, Trump won’t be doing heavy policy work — so a little ribbing is to be expected. Yet Pence is now being ridiculed into the rafters, which reveals how a large chunk of the nation feels about the gaslighter extraordinaire who advocated for conversion therapy and recently took the whitest selfie ever.

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