The Cast Of Napoleon Dynamite Reunited For A Flippin’ Sweet Photo

It’s been ten years since Napoleon Dynamite crashed the cinematic scene with a zippered pocket full of tots. And this summer will feature plenty of celebrations honoring the anniversary of the time an indie film improbably usurped Chappelle’s Show as your default source for overworked quotes.

There’s already been a creepy statue unveiling in Los Angeles, and the film will be celebrated next month with a special screening to kick off the 2014 Sundance Next Fest film festival.

Last month, we celebrated in our own way with a “Where Are They Now?” feature about the movie’s cast. Twitter user and PR person Stephanie Kahan managed to do us one better over the weekend, snapping a “Here They Are Now” photo with four of the film’s most important cast members (Jon Heder, Tina Majorino, Haylie Duff, and Efren Ramirez). How much you wanna make a bet Uncle Rico was busy retrieving his ball over them mountains?

Everyone looks pretty flippin’ sweet if you ask me. Especially when compared to the middle-aged Napoleon and Pedro that someone spotted at a Subway in Idaho last week. [*SHUDDERS*]

(Via @SMUSteffyLou; H/T E! Online)