Nas Sued For $10 Million By Kidnapped Promoter

Here’s what we know. About a year ago Nas was paid $300,000 to headline a New Year’s Eve concert in Angola. He missed his flight and failed to appear. Naturally, the New Jersey promoter, who was coordinating the appearance, is suing him for damages. How much? Only $10 Million.

And here’s where it gets a little wacky. Patrick Allocco, the promoter in discussion, was apparently kidnapped (along with his son) by other promoters in Angola for almost two months, beaten and threatened as a direct result of the no-show. Allocco is claiming he suffered physically, financially and psychologically as a result of the kidnapping. That would just about explain the $10 million in damages. But in Nas’s defense, the rapper claims that he wasn’t wired his $300,000 fee in a timely manner and, when the money finally showed up in his account, it was too late to even get a visa to get into Angola. He also says he returned the dough when the show didn’t go down as planned.

Talk amongst yourselves.