‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Will Be Visited By Mal Reynolds

OK, so Nathan Fillion is probably not going to show up in Guardians of the Galaxy aiming to misbehave. But he is going to be in the movie.

For those unfamiliar, Fillion and James Gunn have the same relationship as Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell; if one makes a movie, the other is almost invariably not far behind, and James Gunn confirmed as much. Fillion has had roles in both Slither and Super, but there’s one role he decidedly isn’t playing:

Of course, this doesn’t rule out any of a host of other Marvel characters. Hell, this is a movie set in space where our heroes hang out inside the severed head of a Celestial located at the very edge of the universe. It’s a crossroads of space-time, so, really, anything Gunn can get Marvel to agree to, Fillion can play.

Personally, we’re rooting for either Adam Warlock or Firelord, but hey, we’re just happy to see Fillion on the big screen again. Although if there’s a Firefly class ship in the Collector’s abode, all bets are off.

Via Comics Alliance