A Heroic World War II Nurse Is Finally Being Honored For Intentionally Giving STDs To Nazi Patients

A Czechoslovakian hospital worker who was assigned to look after German soldiers shortly after their invasion of her hometown took revenge into her own bed, taking up affairs with several officers and intentionally passing along debilitating STDs in the process.

The mystery nurse — her name, according to people spinning the tale, has been lost to history — paid the ultimate price for her scheme, eventually being killed by the Gestapo. But the man living in her former home has now, finally, erected a plaque to commemorate her bedroom heroics.

Former lawyer Karel Friml, 79, now lives in the woman’s house and is behind the move to have her memory recognised.

He said: ‘Unfortunately, we don’t know her exact name because time and memories have failed to preserve it.

‘But we know that she was assigned to look after wounded German soldiers and began affairs with them.’

Her dirty deeds were noticed by her neighbors, but weren’t intially recognized as heroic. Quite the opposite:

At first the mystery nurse was shunned and branded a whore by locals, but when the soldiers began either disappearing or dying, Mr Friml says it became known that she was deliberately infecting them.

Friml said taking “maybe six, maybe ten, maybe more” German lovers was “her resistance and vengeance for the rape of her country and her personal rape.”

According to Friml’s account, the mystery nurse’s scheme was eventually uncovered by a secret agent sent to the hospital to investigate why so many officers were dropping like flies. Once the agent put it all together, he had her shot.

(Via Daily Mail; H/T BroBible)