NBC’s Thursday Shows Get The Internet: 6 Super-Cutty Examples

There’s a reason it’s socially acceptable to make it known you’re heading home to watch NBC’s Thursday night lineup and why people will think you’re a weirdo if you dip out of happy hour to catch the new NCIS. That reason: NBC’s Thursday night programming gets it. The shows are hip and smart and funny and — most importantly for the purposes of this post — web friendly. Just skim over some F Yeah Tumblrs if you’re not convinced.
One sweet result of some NBC executives realizing they’re sitting on an internet goldmine is that they’ve spent the summer gradually releasing Community and Parks & Rec supercuts (THE INTERNET F’N LOVES SUPERCUTS!) in order to reinforce their web culture standing. The Troy Barnes one started trending viral this morning and it’s so terrific it inspired me to buy some kettle corn and give NBC some dap. In that order. It’s all almost enough to make me forget about the Conan/Leno fiasco, The Marriage Ref, and their sports programming.
Anyway, let’s get started with a compilation of Donald Glover absolutely killing it and go from there. If you don’t watch Parks & Rec and “The Complete Jean-Ralphio” doesn’t compel you to binge on every episode ever ASAP then we can’t be friends.
“I hope you brought a change of clothes, because your eyes are about to piss tears.”

“Kettle corn! That’s a fun time snack!”

“Let’s seal this devil’s three-way right here, right now.”

Not to be confused with The Best Of #Señor Chang. “Which is actually quite offensive to people familiar with Mexican Halloween as a sexual position.”

“Present company excluded.”

“It’s my #1 favorite food wrapped around my #3 favorite food.”

“Are you Nell from the movie Nell?”