Neil deGrasse Tyson Went On A Twitter Rant About All The Scientific Inaccuracies In 'Gravity'

Spoiling the fun for those who wanted to bask in the glow of Sandra Bullock’s haircut for a little while longer and not pick apart the, ugh, realism, famous space guy Neil deGrasse Tyson went off on Twitter last night over all the scientific inaccuracies in Alfonso Cuarón’s massively entertaining/asthma attack-inducing (and at least somewhat plausible) Gravity. Sadly, none of the tweets begin with, “…and what’s the deal with…”; rather, Tyson started, “The film #Gravity should be renamed Zero Gravity,” which, ask your friendly neighbor astrophysicist.

Here’s his online SPACE rant, in full.

Mysteries of #Gravity: is Marvin really a martian when you’re on his home planet?

(Via Twitter)