Neil Patrick Harris Mocks Spidey Musical At the Tonys

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06.12.12 3 Comments

Did you watch the Tonys last night? Neither did anybody else. Nobody watches the Tonys. Nobody ever has. The only thing more boring than watch Broadway churn out the same awful show over and over again is watching Broadway perform unspeakable acts on itself for writing “socially relevant” plays that stop being socially relevant somewhere around the borders of Manhattan.

But there is one bright spot, and probably the only reason the show was actually put on the air this year: Neil Patrick Harris.

Specifically, Neil Patrick Spider-Harris.

Never, ever, ever question Neil Patrick Harris’ professionalism.


Now come on, Broadway, do something worth actually paying $100 a ticket to watch for once in your irrelevant existence, and make “Dr. Horrible” a live-action musical with the original cast.

image courtesy Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog

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