Netflix’s Trailer For ‘Stamos: A Human, Being’ Is The Perfect April Fools’ Joke

If you’ve happened to visit Netflix today you may have noticed that the home page has been taken over by John Stamos (or “Stamosfied,” if you will) announcing a new Netflix original at the top of the site called Stamos: A Human, Being, which is said to premier on April 31. Likewise, the site is also featuring categories such as “Comedies John Stamos Thinks Are Funny” and “Documentaries John Stamos Thinks You Should Watch.”

Obviously this is all just an elaborate, well-executed April Fool’s Joke on Netflix’s part, complete with a trailer and everything for Stamos: A Human, Being. Stamos himself introduces the trailer by explaining that Netflix head of content Ted Sarandos recognized the Stamos brand power, and asked if they could harness it to take the streaming company to the next level.

Stamos: A Human, Being asks the questions, “Who is John Stamos?” and “What is John Stamos?” Other than the obvious answers — such as teenage heartthrob, worldwide brand, bad boy, and good guy — Stamos voiceovers that “John Stamos is more than just a human being. He’s a human… being.”

Hang on, why is this an April Fool’s prank again? Because now I kind of want to watch this John Stamos documentary. Yet another April 1 causality.

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