LEGO Pley Is Pretty Okay: A Review Of The Netflix For LEGO

When I first heard there was a LEGO rental system, I was pretty fired up about it. After doing a bit of research in to Pley, the Netflix of LEGO, I signed up for their free 15 day trial. As much fun as it is to get Lord of the Rings LEGO in the mail, I ended up a bit disappointed by the service.

The first thing I did when I got my Mirkwood Elf Army shipment was to dump all the bricks out in the box it came in, right where it says “Pour Bricks Here.” Then I did the usual thing, separate all the body parts from the swords.

I immediately got crap on Facebook for admitting that I’m a pre-sorter, so I stopped sorting out bricks and just started putting together the minifigures, which is my real passion. LEGO Mirkwood is INTENSE.

I haven’t actually tried to put together a pre-packaged set of LEGO before. In my day we would just have a huge bucket of bricks and build as much stuff as we could out of it. (My brother was way better at that than I ever was, but then again he did grow up to become an engineer.) So this time, I followed along with the instruction booklet, which again I got chided for on Facebook. I figured if I were really using the service and wasn’t worried about the 15-day time crunch to return it without paying, I would probably try to put it together first while drunk. (ADULT FUN.)

Even sober with step-by-step guidance, I get confused and end up giving hats to the Orcs.

Plus even if you’re following along faithfully, there are some things that just don’t make sense. And some things that seem obvious, like “treasure goes in treasure barrel.”

…it turns out the “tree” that is the centerpiece of the Mirkwood armory actually has a hidden catapult at the top. Had I just dumped out all the bricks and tried to put together something on my own, I would’ve completely missed that. Having a predetermined amount of LEGO with a set kind of sucks the fun out that way. This set was mostly hinges and levers, though some of them were super fun: