New And Improved And Watchable ‘Jingle All The Way’

Oh man what a wonderful early video editing gift to help get those of us left in front of a computer in the full-on holiday spirit. I’m happy to say I’ve never watched more than a scene or two of Jingle All the Way while flipping through channels. I take my Arnold offing fools or experimentally impregnating himself or GTFO. But now Dog Food Films has solved the problem of the bonafide craptacular Jingle All the Way (no amounts of Phil Hartman can make up for Sinbad or the premise) by splicing in awesomely over-the-top Arnold action scenes from other movies and cutting the whole thing down to under two minutes.

Arnold really is the seasonal gift from the YouTube gods. You shall not suffer through those last dreadful work hours in boredom!

YouTube via Buzzfeed

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