New 'Community' Showrunners Already Being Mocked Viciously And Hilariously By A Fake Twitter Account

Well that didn’t take long.

Even better, the fake David Guarascio and Moses Port Twitter account is smart, genuinely funny and obviously written by someone who knows at least a little bit about television writing. Barely a day old, it’s already hilariously chronicled Guarascio and Port’s half-ass attempts to educate themselves on the show and its wonderful characters, in addition to their plans to turn Community in an orgy of sitcom hackery, complete with laugh track and multiple stationary cameras. I can’t help but wonder if Dan Harmon himself is the person behind it. I kind of hope he is.

You have to wonder if David Guarascio and Moses Port knew what they were getting into when they agreed to take over so Harmon could be kicked to the curb? Regardless, let’s all share some laughs at their expense to help ease the pain.

(HT: Slacktory)