The New Father Christmas Filmed 25 Years Of His Family’s Christmas Mornings

Well, here’s something nice to play on your laptop, which has lately only seen misery and porn: in 1985, a father filmed his family descending the stairs on Christmas morning. He did it again the next year, and the next year, and etc. etc. etc., for every year until 2010, which is when the video below was uploaded. (It recently went viral. Probably because of Hanukkah.) The kids in the footage are remarkably patient with their dad getting his amateur Uwe Boll on. I didn’t celebrate Christmas as a kid, but if my father had wanted to film me lighting the Menorah, let’s just say everyone in the house would have choked to death on the fumes from the melted video camera.

And that’s the true meaning of Kwanzaa.

(Via the Daily Dot)