‘Ultimate Knuckleheads’: New Jersey’s Governor Went Off On Some Anti-Vax Protesters And People Are Loving It

The same day Florida’s controversial governor Ron DeSantis stood defiant against Joe Biden, telling him that he, uh, won’t tolerate the president trying to save his constituents’ lives, another state leader took what was essentially the opposite stance. During a public appearance, New Jersey’s Phil Murphy singled out anti-vaxxers, admonishing them for their stubborn stupidity, even greeting them with an old-timey, PG-rated insult.

The governor was at Union City, where he formally signed into law a bill that extended eviction prevention and utility assistance for those struggling during a once-in-a-century public health crisis. Also in attendance were people helping ensure the pandemic remains a major concern: Anti-vaccine protesters, who were there with signs that read “No forced injections,” “Medical choice is a human right,” and more. Murphy noticed them, and he made sure to give them a piece of his mind.

After admitting that cases were “actually coming down a little bit,” Murphy reminded people that “we are still in the fight” against COVID. He then directly addressed the naysayers in the back.

These folks back there have lost their minds — you’ve lost your minds!” he shouted. “You are the ultimate knuckleheads, and because of what you are saying and standing for, people are losing their life.” He pleaded with them, not only to get vaccinated, but to “look in the mirror.”

Murphy’s address came a day after Bill de Blasio, mayor of neighboring New York City, announced proof of vaccination would be required for parts of the metropolis’ social life, including entrance to restaurants and gyms. The decision has angered many Republicans, some of whom, like DeSantis, haven’t let the fact that their followers overwhelmingly comprise the current number of COVID cases and related deaths.

But others gave the Jersey governor a lot of love.

(Via The Hill)