New “Pitch Black” If Diesel Takes a Pay Cut?

I’m one of the minority that really enjoyed “The Chronicles of Riddick”. “Pitch Black” was fun, and well made, but “Riddick” is one of those insane movies that studios only make once in a great while: kind of a cross between Doc Smith and Robert E. Howard, something that becomes especially prominent in the vastly better director’s cut.

That said, “Pitch Black” is the one that made money, so it’s the one the franchise will be following. But apparently, one thing that won’t be following it is Vin Diesel’s paycheck: Universal has told him he’ll have to accept scale if he wants the movie made. You know, in gratitude for the $187 million or so he just made them with the fifth “Fast and Furious” movie.

It’s worth noting that “scale” for a lead actor isn’t cheap, just cheaper than Diesel’s usual paycheck. And Diesel seems willing to do it, so more Riddick is headed our way. Just…let’s avoid doing a remake of “Pitch Black”, OK?

[ via the Furyans at FirstShowing ]