New Real Steel Trailer Punches The Robot

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05.10.11 4 Comments

When people train real robots to box, we take exception to it.  The last thing we need are robots who can block a punch and counter with an uppercut.  When Hugh Jackman teaches robots to box to do “one thing right” for his estranged son, however, it could make for an awesome movie.  Or a ridiculous movie.  Or an awesomely ridiculous movie.  Hmm, what will it be?  Let’s read some of this trailer’s dialogue:

As a boxer, Charlie was a top contender, number two in the world.  Then, the fight game changed.  [Ed.- BOOM.  GAME CHANGED.  We didn’t even know James Cameron existed in this alternate reality.]

I’m either coming with you, or you’re fishing for your keys in the sewer. [Ed.- Yes, this is how Hugh Jackman’s kid hitches a ride with him, as opposed to getting a beating and sent to his mom after he hands over the keys.]

This ain’t a video game.  This is for real.

Let’s make some money!  [Ed.- This was also the closing cheer at the studio meeting when the movie was greenlit.]

No no no!


As much as I like you, dude, you’re a bad bet, brother. [Ed. – OMG, adversity!  And a black friend!]

Give it up, Charlie.  You got nothin’ left.  [Ed. – I give up on transcribing this dialogue, and I’m only half way through.]

. . . Well, let’s hope the robot punching is at least fun to watch.

HD available at Yahoo.

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