New ‘Thief’ Trailer Showcases Impressive Graphics, Not Much Stealth

So, rumor has it development of the new Thief game is seriously troubled. Is there anything to these rumors? Hard to say, but Square-Enix is clearly trying to dispel some of the scuttlebutt with an all-new, meaty Thief gameplay trailer. The trailer is unquestionably impressive in a lot of respects, unfortunately, it also raises its share of questions and concerns.

Check out the trailer below…

Okay, very pretty, but man, that certainly didn’t feel much like a stealth game, did it? If I’m being generous I could say it looked kind of like Dishonored as played by somebody who didn’t like taking the stealth option. But hey, everyone thought Eidos Montreal’s last game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution was going to desecrate the Deus Ex name and it turned out pretty good. I have a feeling this new game won’t please Thief purists, but I choose to remain optimistic.

via Rock, Paper, Shotgun