New Yorkers Show #Blizzard2016 Solidarity By Coming Together For A Stuck Ambulance

For every Tian Tian the panda rolling around in the snow and loving life, there are stuck or snowed-in residents of the east coast trying stay warm and safe in winter storm Jonas. Naturally, much-needed levity around the storm has come in the form of jokes about the shape of the storm, and plenty of playing in the snow has happened, but the state of emergency is real. The death toll is at 19 people that we know of, and the snow keeps falling – 30 inches and counting in five states.

The massive amount of snowfall has brought some communities to a standstill, but emergencies, of course, will not wait for clear weather. Now, all over the city, ambulances, police cruisers and fire trucks are trying their best to navigate the horrid conditions in order to get help to those that need it. Of course, these vehicles are getting stuck since snow plows simply can’t keep all the streets clear all of the time with the snow never letting up.

Enter the good people all over New York, who, when seeing various ambulances stuck in the snow, banded together to push them on their way.

New Yorkers – they’re so pushy. This time it’s okay, though.