New Zealand Man On House Arrest Opts For Jail After He Gets Sick Of Xbox

Having never been arrested – *knocks on wood, reformats hard drive and deletes Facebook* – I’m just not familiar enough with the mind of a man who has spent nearly a year confined to his own home, so I’m going to try to be as open-minded about this story as possible. A 19-year old man in Hikurangi, New Zealand (it’s close to Whangarei, for those of you who’ve never been) reportedly contacted the local police on Tuesday to ask if he could spend the last month of his 11-month sentence in jail instead of at home.

Apparently, during the 10 months that he was serving home detention, this young man failed to properly budget his entertainment options and he was becoming stir crazy.

Mr Nicholas said the 19-year-old had already served 10 months of an 11-month home detention term and with one month to go “had run out of Xbox games to play”.

The man told police he was about to breach home detention if he wasn’t picked up and taken to jail.

The man got his wish and is now in Ngawha Prison. (Via the New Zealand Herald)

So maybe play one of the games again? Maybe try to go back and complete missions or levels that he hadn’t already done before? Perhaps he could play Madden on a harder level this time around? I don’t know, I’m just spit-balling here. Like I said, my expertise in this area is slim-to-none.

In fact, if I somehow ended up on house arrest for 11 months, I’m sure that I’d just spend my time scouring YouTube for music videos like this: