These News Anchors Can’t Regain Their Composure After The Sight Of A Pig’s Enormous Balls

I have no idea how old this clip is or where it’s from, as there are a few different CBS 7 News stations around the country. Judging by the hair and fashion this recently uploaded news blooper is clearly from yesteryear, but none of that is important.

What is important is that the good people at this particular CBS 7 News were reporting on a very crucial story from the Iowa State Fair regarding a champion hog appropriately named “Goliath,” weighing in at an incredible 1,070 pounds. It’s unclear how much of that weight comes from Goliath’s massive, free-swinging balls, but the anchors are too busy being barely able to breathe, much less finish the broadcast to speculate.

We can only hope that the cameraman for CBS 7 News received a local news Emmy win for Outstanding Media Achievement in Capturing Pig Balls that year.