These Local News Anchors Deciphering Secret Teen ‘Emoji Language’ Is A Must Watch

“Parents, do you know what your teens are up to??” It’s a question as old as time, and sneaky teens — much like computer hackers and credit card scammers — are usually one step ahead. Thankfully, that’s where the crack news team over at Seattle’s Fox Q13 comes in, by helping parents get ahead of the latest trends to stop these teens right in their tracks.

We’re talking emojis, people. Teens are using emojis to communicate in secret, and it goes way beyond just a simple eggplant or peach emoji that your mom friends may have told you about. As reporter John Hopperstad explains, often it’s a combination of emojis that teens use as a code to put one past old mom and dad. For instance, a face with a zipper over the mouth next to a couple holding hands could mean, “Don’t tell your parents what we’re gonna do,” and by “what we’re gonna do” it’s pretty clear that he means “do sex.”

Other “darker” examples include a skull with an arrow pointing to a flame, “That can be saying to someone, ‘I hope you die in a fire’.” A simple flower can mean “Let’s get some drugs,” while a frog face could be telling someone: “You’re ugly, I’m telling you you’re ugly.” And don’t even get started on the wide eyes emoji which “is getting into the sexting area,” as Hopperstad reveals, “This can also mean, ‘send me pictures of you naked’.”

You’ve been warned, parents. One day it’s all cat faces with hearts popping out of the eyes and the next thing you know your kid is addicted to drugs and sentencing frogs to die in a fire.

(Via @Bry_nap, Fox Q13)