Nic Cage Cats Are Here To Make Your Monday Suck Less

What is it about Nic Cage that we find so fascinating? Perhaps it’s his ultimate GIF-ability, his taking acting cues from his pet cobra, the assorted craziness, or the exquisite acting. Whatever it is, it’s most certainly not the bees. And he’s inspired so many photoshops, with folks around the internet adding him to The Avengers, Star Wars, every other movie, and even your family photos. It’s a great time to be alive.

In keeping with the trend to photoshop Nic Cage as everything, and perhaps inspired by the time Nic Cage did mushrooms with his cat, a new website has emerged which Nic Cage’s shroomed up cat could especially enjoy. The site, NickCageCats, photoshops Cage’s face onto cats — because of course that exists.

Our 15 favorite Nic Cage Cats await, poised to quietly judge you in the gallery below. All pictures via NickCageCats. Thanks to commenter Morton Salt for the tip.