Behold, The Nic Cage Couch, The Ideal Furnishing For Any Nic Cage Movie Watching Binge

Okay so let’s say you decide to “Cage Your Queue” — that is, fill your Netflix queue with nothing but Nic Cage flicks, because, DUH, that’d be nothing but freakin’ awesome — you’re gonna need something comfortable, not to mention something that sets the appropriate mood, to watch all those Nic Cage movies on, no? Could anything possibly be more perfect than a Nic Cage couch? No, I think not and I defy anyone to try to tell me otherwise.

Granted, I’m not sure if this is a real thing or not — I suspect it’s an exceptionally well done Photoshop — but it certainly needs to exist. If a furniture maker actually put out this product I, someone currently in the market for a new sofa, would definitely consider it. I swear to God I would.

I would not, however, consider a Nic Cage neck tattoo. There’s got to be a line drawn somewhere, after all.

(Clint Is Iceman via Art Yucko)