Nick Lachey's Stupendously Boring Reddit AMA Answers Are Everything

Nick Lachey did a Reddit AMA yesterday to promote his new VH1 show Big Morning Buzz Live, and I’m pretty sure Nick Lachey only found out what Reddit was yesterday and still isn’t 100% sure. At any rate, Lachey revealed himself to be the most boring question answerer on the face of the earth — yet somehow he transcends boring by the sheer boringness of his answers.

Hi reddit, a little bit about me: I started out as a singer, became a host somewhere along the way, and then sprinkled that with a dose of reality television and some acting stints. My latest project is being the host of VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live every weekday 10-11 AM ET. I’m a Scorpio and I love tater tots. I love sports, ice cream and ice cold Miller Lite. Here with Victoria from reddit, so AMAA.

Ugh. Miller Lite? Let’s jump into this. Remember, there are no boring questions, just boring answers. (JK there’s totally boring questions, too.)

Do you believe with current global warming standings you would still be 98 degrees?

For a minute, I thought we might have risen to 98.4, but since the polar vortex, we have been returned to our normal temperature of 98 degrees.


Your wife seems cool. Is she cool? I bet she’s cool.

She is cool. That’s why I married her.


Was there any serious competition or awkward tension between yourself and the boys of BSB or NSYNC? Any Anchorman News Team-like showdowns?

Sorry to disappoint. But the answer is a boring one. There was only mutual respect and admiration between those of us in the “Boy Band” world (seriously, I just made air quotes). No sing-offs, no dance-offs, no fight-offs. Just party-offs.

Please tell us about these “party-offs”

All I meant by that was that we all enjoyed hanging together, whether on the stage or off.


What’s one thing about yourself that people don’t know about you that you wish they did?

I feel like everyone knows everything. But I’m allergic to mold, grass, and dust.


If you had to challenge a member of NSYNC to a Most Extreme Elimination show, which one would you choose?

The Amazing Race, against Joey Fatone.


Hey Nick! What was it like working on One Tree Hill?

It was some of the hardest acting I’ve ever had to do. Playing yourself is harder than it looks.



Do you have a guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is Barry Manilow.


What have you eaten today?

A chicken teriyaki rice bowl, blueberry muffin, maple & brown sugar instant oatmeal, and that’s it.


You seem to have found your calling with tv, but any movie roles in the future?

If you’re making a movie, give me a call, I’d love to be in it!


Whats your favorite color?? Love you!!!


All the shades of blue?

Royal blue.


Can you tell us the most epic story from your years being in 98 degrees?

Most epic story would be probably singing for President Clinton during the Christmas at the White House special. It was surreal. To make it even more special, I was able to bring my mom Kate with us to the performance. It was the best Christmas gift ever.


Hi, Nick Lachey! Favorite pizza topping?

Do you prefer hard or soft tacos?

Thanks and good luck in everything!!

If I had to pick one, it would have to be pepperoni.

Hard tacos, I’m old school.