Nick Offerman Reads Tweets From Young Female Celebrities, Makes Anything Seem Manly

We’re game.

Nick Offerman took a break from handcrafting lovely things and playing Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation to appear on Conan last night. He did a segment called “Nick Offerman from Parks & Recreation Reads Tweets From Young Female Celebrities.” It’s exactly what it says on the tin.

Offerman recently joined Twitter, so I’d like to imagine him occasionally breaking from his manly woodworking side job to check his feed for these starlet updates about cardio and puppies. And he does all this while retaining full manliness, so much so that he has to shave, like, twenty times a day you guys. And although Ron Swanson dislikes computers — and by extension Twitter — we imagine even he might enjoy this video.



(H/T: BWE and Mike Mitchell)