Nicolas Cage On The Internet Vs. Nicolas Cage On Tumblr: Compare And Contrast

Editorial Director

Whenever I go a couple of weeks without writing something Nic Cage related I get all itchy and need a fix. Luckily for me the internet almost always has something for that. The most recent installment of The Nic Cage Interwebs Chronicles involves the masses at Tumblr taking a lot of pride in what a standard “Nicolas Cage” Google Image search generates versus what a “Nicolas Cage Tumblr” search returns.

As you may have guessed the sampling above is from the Tumblr search. The comparison image that is making its rounds is a little limited on Voldemort photoshops for my tastes so I’ve created my own enlargeable one below, forcing myself to finally crop the bottom and leave off “my hair is a bird” and fat baby Nic Cage. Doing so was incredibly difficult.

I think Cage is on Fallon tonight. Jimmy, if since you’re reading, please inquire. Thanks in advance.

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