Nintendo Cartridges Get Recycled: 5 Awesome Products Made From Old Games

09.20.11 7 years ago

Are your old NES cartridges sitting around gathering dust? Perhaps you should make something useful with them instead. Several Etsy artists have taken old cartridges and turned them into gear that will make you the geek star of your nerd crew.
How many hours did you spend blowing into cartridges? Well, now you can do it on stage like a nerdcore Bob Dylan with this cartridge harmonica.

NES Harmonica

Add a bit of class to your man cave with this 8-bit Pixel Art for $60.

It’s always time to play games when you’re looking at a NES Super Mario Bros. Cartridge Clock. $17.99

Store more info than would fit on a hundred old cartridges with this NES Portable Hardrive 750GB for $129.99.

Keep your new games organized with these old school Nintendo Bookends for $20.

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