Nintendo May Already Be Working On A New Console

The Wii U had a rough time of it until this year, when a little data-mining demonstrated that it had three of the top ten Game of the Year candidates as exclusives and turned around what had largely been a disaster for the company. That said, Nintendo apparently will not be resting on its laurels for long.

According to a translation of an interview with company president Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s already working on their next console. By itself, this is not the biggest of surprises; we began hearing rumors of the Wii U’s successor right around this time last year.

But it does make gamers anxious, because we remember all too well what happens when a console maker saturates the market; they become a third-party developer and start making terrible Sonic games. Hell, Nintendo is already halfway there with that second one. That said, it seems unlikely we’ll see a Wii U successor before a year or two from now at the very least. Nintendo probably wants to see where the console’s champion year goes from here. And with games like Bayonetta 2 and Devil’s Third, it’s dipping its toes into actually being a real competitor with the PS4 and the Xbox One.

Or, you know, the interview was just mistranslated and this console is little more than some concept drawings and chats with IBM. But where’s the fun in assuming that?