Dave Grohl Would Approve Of This Guy Drumming His Way Through Nirvana’s Entire Discography

Despite only releasing three studio albums, Nirvana is one of the most frequently covered bands, in that all of their songs have been covered by every Hot Topic high-school punk who started a band in high school. (Also, some great artists have reinterpreted their songs, too.) Rather than clog up YouTube with yet another low-quality cover of “Come As You Are,” Kye Smith decided to drum along with Nirvana’s entire discography in five minutes.

Smith has done the same with the Beatles, the Offspring, and Pennywise (I hope that’s not the only time those three bands have appeared in the same sentence), but his Nirvana video is still impressive, and means a lot to him. “Without them,” Smith wrote, “I may not have found this music and probably wouldn’t be doing what I am doing today.” Somewhere, Dave Grohl head-bangs in approval. Smith never names his favorite Nirvana song, but I’m assuming it’s “Polly.” It’s the only time he gets a break from drumming.