Here Are All Of The Things That Nobody Does Better Than Donald Trump

To anyone who has spent roughly the past year and a half listening to Donald Trump, it’s quite evident that the President does not speak (or write) so gud. Back in October of 2015, a study found that Trump speaks to voters on a fourth grade level, as his vocabulary relies on basic staples such as “huge,” “terrible,” and “beautiful.” Likewise, anyone who has dedicated any time sorting through his prolific Twitter account can tell you that it yields a vast cornucopia of spelling and grammatical errors.

Given Trump’s simplistic way of communicating, he tends to repeat the same talking points over and over again, and one of his all time greatest hits is “nobody does [blank] better than [me].” But you probably didn’t realize to the extent that he uses that phrase, or in other words, just how many things nobody does better than Donald Trump. As such, Vice News complied the above video of all of the times — err, at least 24 times — that Trump has bragged about what nobody does better than him, like having the best toys (??), loving the Bible, being better to people with disabilities, respecting women, and understanding “the horror of nuclear.”

It’s like every country in the world should be so fortunate to have a leader with such versatile, all-knowing experience.

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