Nope: This Man Went Swimming And Discovered The Most Terrifying Thing Crawling In His Ear

This is the reason you should never go swimming anywhere that is not man-made, filled with chlorine, and indoors. Unless you’re willing to risk everything for the chance to enjoy the cool refreshing waters of “outside,” you, too, could end up with a horrifying parasite crawling in your ear, just waiting to climb into your head and feast upon your delicious brains (like in all those scary books we read as kids).

Before your freak-out gets to be too much, I’ll let you in on a little secret: This video, while terrifying, was also enhanced with special effects. That’s not to say, of course, that monsters don’t just climb into people’s ears while they’re swimming (or sleeping, nowhere is safe!), but this particular monster was made with the help of computers and inspired by a “bad case” of swimmer’s ear. (But you don’t have to tell your friends that when you send them the video to scream over.)

The special effects were created by Bruce Branit, who reminded me once again what an excellent decision I’ve made choosing not to leave my house at all this summer.

(Via Death and Taxes)