This North Carolina Man Is Using The Hell Out Of His Olive Garden Pasta Pass

There is no shame in Alan Martin’s game. There’s not even a hint of irony. With five days remaining in Olive Garden’s infamous Never Ending Pasta Pass campaign, Martin proudly boasts that he has gotten his money’s worth and then some. The Burlington, North Carolina resident was the focus of this story by his local Fox affiliate, and we got a VIP seat at Martin’s table as he settled in for a meal that he claims put him over the $1,510 mark in Olive Garden meals during this promotion.

Unlike Vino, the “blogger” who claimed he was going to eat at Olive Garden every day, despite the fact that there was just something too cute and convenient about his routine, Martin just loves Olive Garden, and the Pasta Pass was created for a guy like him. His goal from the start was to eat at his local Olive Garden two times a day until the promotion ends on Nov. 9, because he “would love to be the person that ate the most of the 1,000 people.” Say what you want about the man’s goals, but treating everything like a competition is how the world’s most successful people have built their empires.

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