The NRA Is Getting Dragged For Having A Massive Typo In Their New Ad (And For Being The NRA)

The last we heard from the National Rifle Association they had filed for bankruptcy. It was mid-January, Trump was on the way out, and news that one of the most reviled organizations in the country had gone Chapter 11 inspired much rejoicing. Executive Vice President (and public figurehead) Wayne LaPierre tried to calm his base, saying it was a convoluted attempt to wriggle out of a New York State lawsuit and that somehow they’d wind up stronger than ever. A new ad shows they’re at least keepin’ on keepin’ on, even if they apparently can’t hire a proofreader.

The brief clip finds Republican senator John Kennedy — no relation whatsoever — clutching and admiring a gun. “Folks, I believe that love is the answer,” Kennedy says. “But you ought to own a handgun just in case.” His words are helpfully printed on the screen. One problem, though: “believe” is spelled “belive.”

The NRA has long played a sinister presence in America, always there to sing the praises of guns after each and every one of the country’s many mass shootings, always able to use powerful lobbyists to keep the government from infringing on sales. So when they made a stupid typo, people who feel helpless to stop them made themselves feel better by doing a good old fashioned social media piling on.

Some wondered if it was just a Freudian slip.

And others wondered if they intentionally misspelled one of the few words in their ad, just to appeal to a base that finds correct spelling elitist.

Anyway, it’s just a typo! They’ll survive this and how. And pointing out a misspelled word does absolutely nothing to eliminate their powers. But it still feels good.